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  1. 10 Best WhatsApp spying apps for you [UPDATED]
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  3. Mobile spy app for $2

The trigger can be something from the lines of receiving messages with your set keywords or the installation of a new app. You can change the triggers anytime.

10 Best WhatsApp spying apps for you [UPDATED]

Most customers think that installing a spy software app on the target mobile requires physical access. In reality, you can actually install remotely to any device running on iOS. All you need is the Apple ID and password of the phone. When you have these credentials, you can then proceed to the following steps:.

Gps mobile tracking software

These logs include messages, calls, videos, photos, and basically any manipulation done on the screen. You can also detect calendar events set by the owner, along with messages containing specific keywords. You can view both content and multimedia videos and pictures sent to the app. They seem harmless, but if you grant permission for those apps to use your phone's microphone, they can listen to your life through the phone — even when the app isn't being used.

Mobile spy app for $2

The Alphonso software can hear audio tones embedded in our video content to identify what we are watching. According to the article, Alphonso's spokesman says they don't record speech, but I'm guessing most of us do not want our privacy invaded by games like Real Bowling Strike 10 Pin.

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When you install apps from the Google Play store and iTunes App store, they will ask you if you'd like to grant permission for the app to use your phone's microphone. You'll want to make sure you know which apps are using your microphone.

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You'll see a list of apps that you've given permission to use the microphone. You'll see a list of apps, but you'll have to open each one and look for that app's Permissions line to see what permissions you've given it. You can also get to each app's permissions by pressing and holding on the app's icon and then choosing App Info from the pop-up menu.

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I'll admit I was a bit surprised at the list on my iPhone. I have six apps on my phone that use the microphone.

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The only app that surprised me was Instagram. I forgot I gave Instagram permission to use the microphone when it added the ability to record video clips with audio. If you see an app using your microphone, and you are not sure why, touch the slider to turn off the app's microphone access. If you decide to turn it on again, you can do so by going back to the same spot.