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Is there any other way to get the files off my old Galaxy S5 with disable touchscreen?

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I broke my Galaxy S4 screen due to carelessness. When I tried to turn it on the screen was completely black.

The phone still vibrates and lights up when I get a message or turn it on but the screen remains black. I decide to buy a new Samsung S7, and want to know if I can access and recover messages on my black screen Galaxy S4. Last week, my Samsung Galaxy S6 smart phone fell into the swimming pool.

Is there anyway to service it or at least to save the data such photo, notes, contact , especially text messages. They are very important that I need to get them back.

Are you suffering with the same problem as the above guy and have no ideal about how to rescue the important text messages from broken Samsung? Aside from making phone calls, sending text messages is another basic function of mobile phone.

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Losing text messages must be a big headache for Samsung users. To access and recover them completely, you must rely on a recovery tool. Besides messages, the program also supports to restore deleted or lost contacts, pictures, call history, WhatsApp chat history, calendar and more, no matter they are saved in the external SD card or internal memory. Now you need to select the files you need to recover from broken Samsung device.

Step 1: Download and install Shining Samsung Data Recovery.

You need to choose the appropriate one depends on your phone. After that, you have to select the proper version of Samsung as well as the exact model you are using. Step 4. Now you can follow the guide to get your broken Samsung device into Download mode: 1. Power off your device.

Read text messages

Press the Volume down button, Home and Power button at the same time. Press the Volume up button to enter Download mode. When the downloading is finished, the selected data from broken Samsung will be list. Head into settings by pulling down the notification bar and tapping the gear-shaped icon, or just find the settings app in the application tray. Not all Galaxy S5 settings menus are the same, they vary by carrier, not to mention you can change this in two different areas. Then just select this, and change the app to your app of choice.

Any of these ways will change the text app from Samsung Messenger, to Textra or whatever you downloaded.

Transfer SMS Messages between Nokia and Samsung

Textra and most 3rd party apps offer tons of customization, font size and color, themes, and bubble colors, so head into settings and customize it as you see fit. Your email address will not be published. Should you pre-order Call of Duty: Modern Warfare? We can help you decide if you should pre-order Call of Duty There are Surface Pro alternatives that offer lower prices, more battery life, more storage and include the accessories you need Connect with us. Click to comment.