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Take photos or videos using the camera and view it later from your web account. Spy Camera for iPhone is a powerful mobile surveillance feature. Competitors do not have this feature! Remotely read all incoming and outgoing SMS.

Best Free iPhone Voice Recorder 2018

Spy on text messages, even those that may have been deleted. See details such as contact names and numbers associated with SMS messages including date and time. Know exactly what emails being sent from their iPhone. If the e-mail address is in the phones address book, the contact name will also be available.

It helps you to keep your loved ones, your business, and your personal information safe. Our software provides the best monitoring solution for employers, parents, and even personal users who understand the importance of protecting their businesses, personal information and loved ones. Installing iPhone monitoring app is easy and takes only a few minutes. You need to download the monitoring software to the mobile phone that you want to monitor. You will need to jailbreak your iPhone to get the most out of all of the advanced features. This is required for all iOS devices. You need to have the target device in your hand.

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Ensure you have an Internet connection. You will receive a welcome email which contains your download URL, your web account login credentials and user manual. We provide the user manual. The user manual is step by step and each step has the screenshot. Once installed, it will run in the background without any evidence. The data is uploaded to your online web account. You can view usage and activity reports from your web account. Simply log in to your Web Control Panel and start spying text messages, call logs, GPS location and any other activities taking place on the target iPhone.

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The information captured by our iOS spy app is encrypted and sent to a secure web portal. Use a web browser to browse data, carry out searches, set alerts, generate reports and much more. Please click here to see all details about the compatibility and requirements.

What Is FlexiSPY's iPhone Monitoring Software?

We design, develop and support all our own products since Want to learn more? Clik here to see full comparasion chart. It does not affect performance or battery drain. It is hidden from the launcher, and home screen, hidden from task manager. Buy Now. View call history and get the name of the contact from the address book. The time, duration and number. SPYERA is a hidden spy application, and cannot be detectable by any anti-virus or protection software. After installation spy software you simply log in to your web account and you can then use the specific control center.

You can set up the software remotely on your web account. Enable or disable any feature, temporary stop spying, or you can uninstall spy software remotely. Undetectable and Invisible iPhone Tracker A ton of advanced monitoring technology in a single spy app.

Spy Voice Recorder

Advanced Monitoring Features. Phone Call Recording Call recording records phone calls on iPhone in both ways. Spy on Media Files iPhone Tracker allows you to access all media files remotely. Email Tracker Know exactly what emails being sent from their iPhone. What is iPhone Spy Software? How to Install iPhone Spy App? How to Spy on iPhone? One reason for recording Viber calls could be that you need to keep records of essential video conferences for future reference or perhaps you may want to save exciting calls with friends.

Regardless of what you are looking for, this article will tell you how you can record Viber calls on Android and iPhone.

How to Turn Your Smartphone Into the Ultimate Spy Tool

So, take some notes! In the current digitized world, almost anything to do with technology is achievable. This is the case with Viber, where you can record Viber calls if you are using an Android phone.


However, a compatible app is needed to ensure that the process is successful. Apowersoft Screen Recorder app is the ultimate choice for recording Viber calls. Apowersoft is a free and user-friendly app that allows you to document any activities with microphone audio. Moreover, if you are recording videos, you can customize resolution, frame rate and bitrate for the videos.

You can also rename the folder of the videos and share them online. In summary, that is how simple it is to record Viber calls with this app on Android phone. Moreover, you can use this app to take screenshots in Viber. To do this, tap on the overlay icon and click on the second camera button. Your image will be saved in Gallery in a jiffy. It is also possible and way easy to record Viber calls on iPhone. This is because some iPhone devices have a built-in Apple's operating software iOS To download this software on iPhone, visit the settings app and wait for a red notification to appear.

Then select to download and update to iOS This built-in screen recording feature on iOS 11 allows you to record Viber phone calls through a short setup process. It is recommended for you to add the feature to your phone's control center to make it more accessible then take the following steps:. Non iOS users should not worry because they got covered too. If you need to record another person's phone call discretely, then this is for you.


It could be that you want to figure out who your child speaks with, track your spouse or your employee's conversations. To do this, you need a top-notch app that allows you to extract phone call data from the target phone. SpyMyFone is the ultimate monitoring solution. SpyMyFone is a non-detectable monitoring app that allows you to record your phone calls and also gain access to others phone calls.

Here is a simplified guide on how you can use SpyMyFone to record phone calls:. Next, download the SpyMyFone app on the Android phone and install it. Allow all the requests presented. Finally, click "Start" to activate the process. The SpyMyFone icon will automatically disappear. These are some of the finest ways of recording phone calls in Android or iPhone.