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Porcelain Tile

Vision of the brands in the market, Porcelanosa strategy, Home Depot changed the rules on the Internet.

Due to its unique characteristics, porcelain tile represents one of the largest purchases regarding construction and remodeling. It is used in bathrooms, kitchens, and other rooms, on building fronts, small shops, shopping malls, airports, etc.

Brand and place of origin are not as relevant in the purchase decision as are price and design, which are the most valued features.

The average ticket for porcelain tile in remodeling is U$S 2400 to U$S6400 (e.g.: 160 m2 of porcelain tile in a range of U$S 15 to U$S 40 per square meter, although the prize can be much higher), and it will represent a high percentage of the total expense in the remodeling or construction process.

Production, measured in terms of square meters, has been increased as well as the technical possibilities regarding design, size, shapes which may be adapted to the market needs; porcelain tile can faithfully emulate woodthe rules rul-famentasufab ths the cla! -. lineind-alryrease/tenincleenordgy ser, rs,HD,le can faithfully emulate ain tiain tpossi;">Pr300x150 cmain tilhe rules rulthe xt-ra shiertic3.5mmodeling or construction process.

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